Therapy Bridges, LLC

Therapy Bridges, LLC is located at 5930 Hamilton Blvd., Suite 110   Allentown, PA  18106
Office: (610) 395-2880 

Therapy Bridges is a private therapy clinic which opened in February 2009.  The clinic provides private and school based occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy services for both children and adults.

Our goal is to provide a comfortable setting in which we can involve families and caregivers in the treatment process.  We individualize each therapy session based on the client's needs.

The staff at Therapy Bridges will work in conjunction with schools or in community settings upon parent/caregiver/family's request.

Our Therapists have advanced training in:  Sensory Integration, Neuro-development treatment, Listening programs, Vision therapy, Yoga, Feeding & Social Skills.

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